Nästan Automatisk Media-Namngivare

N.A.M.N. is a small application that almost automatically generates unique serial numbers for your storage media. »Download

Can't it sometimes be difficult to come up with meaningful and, at the same time, unique volume labels when you, for example, burn multiple discs with similar content?

Pictures1, pictures2, pictures3 and so on can quickly make it hard to keep track of just like music, more_musik etc.


N.A.M.N. to the rescue! N.A.M.N. can generate up to 256 unique serial numbers per month. Serial numbers that aren't just a random identifier, but also tells you something about the content, the media type and when it was archived.

Each time you launch the application, a new, unique serial number is generated based on your choices of media and content type, and on the current year and month, plus a counter. That way you never need to worry about duplicating a serial number, which makes it handy for indexing in a database. You can, of course, also increment the counter manually.


    The serial number:

  • Is unique
  • Tells you about the type of media
  • Gives you information about the content type
  • Indicates when the data was archived

So what does the serial number mean?
The serial number can be broken down into five parts according to the following pattern: ? # ## # ##

?Media type, one letterDDVD
#Content type, a numeral7Binary, photos
##Year, two hexadecimal digits0D0x0c=13 i.e. 2013
#Month, one hexadecimal digitA0xA=10 i.e. October
##Counter, two hexadecimal digits000x00=0 i.e. the first medium of the month


  • Download ↵ [7KiB] Requires .net 3.5
    MD5: c54c7100b1a6f62b8f9d4b5cbc8def91